Sale of Home Proceeds and Insurance Payments & Repairs

How are the proceeds from the sale of the home property or an insurance payment for home repairs considered in determining eligibility

Reporting/Acting on Changes

Updated 03/01/19 Change Reporting Households must report within 10 calendar days of the change occurring when the household’s gross income exceeds the federal income threshold for the household size per the DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Copayment Chart. The computer issues a notice to the client at certification and renewal informing the client of the […]

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Change Calendar View and Time Scale

Changing time frame and view on calendars.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to View Other Shared Calendars

Instructions on viewing other shared calendars.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Share Your Calendar

The calendar feature in Outlook allows you to share your calendar with others. Click the Calendar button at the bottom left to go to Calendar View Click Share Calendar. An email will automatically open that you can send to a single person or to an entire group. The email gives options to “Allow recipient to […]

Benefit Renewal

Benefit renewal – the term used for the semi-annual or annual eligibility determination made following an initial benefit certification. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-5-1. Child care plan; 340:40-7-3. Age requirements; 340:40-7-8. Defining the need factor for child care benefits; 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered; 340:40-9-1. Review of child care […]


Interview – an interview is required before initial certification for all programs except for the SoonerCare (Medicaid) online enrollment (OE) population.  It may be conducted face-to-face or over the telephone depending on the program.  During the interview the client and worker complete the application or renewal and any other required forms, discuss the client’s household […]

UpdatedBest Practices

Things to remember during Application Screening, Interviewing, Verification and Processing, and Case Changes