County Director Process – Quality Customer Service

Quality Standards

Support Staff Quest Guide

Document Link to PDF AFS Support Staff Quest Guide

Quality Standards LMS Course

Link to LMS Page with Instructions to complete Quality Standards online course.

Quality Standards Campaign Materials

The following are links to a variety of publications that make up the Quality Standards Campaign Materials. There is an assortment of Banners, Peer-to-Peer Cards, Posters, and Formal Certificates to serve as reminders for practicing Quality Service and for recognizing employees that demonstrate excellence in any of the key areas of Safety, Integrity, Professionalism, and […]

Integrity – Self-Assessment

Integrity – Behaviors

Do what I say I am going to do No false promises. Make sure you have the ability & resources to do what you say you are going to do. Example: Returning a phone call at the time when you tell the client you are going to return the call. Saying what I mean and […]

Compassion – Using Stories

As you see instances where compassion is used, document the story and use your stories to teach younger or less experienced workers. By sharing real life examples of compassion, we influence the future culture of DHS. There are hundreds of stories of compassion to draw from right where you live. Several AFS & CW workers […]

Compassion – Rewarding Compassion

It’s important to recognize and reward it when you see people acting with compassion: Use compassion as selection criteria for giving recognition and rewards; Give recognition for compassion quickly – don’t wait until later; Reward in a way that is meaningful to that person. During the Gemba process, you will have many opportunities to display […]

Professionalism – Knowledge

Professionalism also means you are trained to do a job well. Being an “expert” in your job is essential to being a true professional. In order to be knowledgeable you should: Seek out further training and educational materials in your field to stay current and provide expert information Be aware of current office policies and […]

Professionalism – Appearance

Appearance How you appear to others directly impacts the first impression you give and helps to establish credibility. To present the best image and make the most of a first impression, you should: Dress appropriately for the situation. This will positively affect your attitude. Keep desk and interview rooms orderly and ready for visitors at […]