Child Care Subsidy: 3 Month Job Search

Beginning October 1st, 2021, Child Care Subsidy will allow 3 months of job search for those who have lost their employment for any reason.

What you need to know:

  • There are no income eligibility requirements.
  • Client will apply for job search child care using OKDHSLive.
  • 3 month job search is only available for child care applicants. 3 month job search is not available at renewal. At renewal, the client must meet a need factor for child care to continue.
  • The client may only receive job search one time every 12 months. For example, if the client received 3 months of job search from November 5th, 2021 through February 5th, 2022, the client would not be eligible for job search again until February 6th, 2023.
  • When the worker receives an application for child care that does not indicate the client (or at least one of the parents in 2 parent households) is working or in school or training, the worker must call the client to determine if the request is for job search.
  • If job search is requested, the worker must ask the client:
  • when and where they last worked and the date of the final paycheck (the worker accepts the client’s statement as best available information. You do not need to contact the employer.)
  • the name and contract number of the provider they want to use
  • While you have the client on the phone, please let them know that:
    • They can use as much care as they need in order to find a job.
    • If the client needs to get an EBT card, please complete the process to schedule your client an appointment to go into the county office to obtain a card.
  • Please make sure you document what was said in the phone conversation in case notes.
  • When certifying 3 months of job search child care, the worker approves the children in the household for the weekly rate unless the child meets an exception to the weekly rate per Appendix C-4-C.
  • If the family also applies for SNAP, you can go ahead and approve the child care even if you are waiting for verification for the SNAP. Please make sure you call the client as stated above prior to approving child care for job search.
  • If the worker approves SNAP and Child Care at the same time and countable income coded on the case would result in a copayment for child care, you must divert all the income in the Total Diverted field in FACS.
  • In two-parent households, you can approve both parents to look for a job. You also might have households where one parent is working and the other one is looking for a job.
  • When the client gets a job during the 3 month job search period or within 30 days of the job search closure, no new application is required.
  • The client must report new employment and provide verification if they want child care to continue past the third month. Normal income eligibility guidelines apply for care following the job search period.

Please view Quest article – Coding 3 Month Job Search for examples of how to code approvals, closures, change of providers and recertification after closure.

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