Protective Services Alert (PSA)

Protective Services Alert (PSA) – A code that alerts both KIDS and IMS systems to communicate when Child Welfare has identified an unsafe or high risk child who they cannot find. Its purpose is to notify staff that if the family makes contact with a county office, Child Welfare needs to be notified immediately. The […]

Income Consideration and Calculations

Blended Unit Type

What is the Blended Unit Type? The blended unit type is used for school-aged children when care is needed part-time on school days and full-time on school holidays. There are two blended unit types traditional and extended. Blended Traditional Blended traditional is approved when the child attends a school with a traditional nine-month school calendar. […]

Joint Custody

When a child lives with each parent for part of the month Each parent’s eligibility is considered separately when joint or shared custody of a child occurs. Two cases should be set up if both parents qualify for subsidized child care benefits. The child is considered a member of each parent’s household. The worker only […]