Documentation of EO Screening

POLICY and PROCEDURE Federal and state SNAP policy requires that all initial applications be screened for possible expedited processing (EO) the date the initial application was submitted to the agency. 340:50-11-2 Initial application screening:  All initial applications must be screened for expedited service entitlement….Screening must be done on the date the initial application was completed […]

How to Use the EO Screening Tool

To streamline the application process and determination of expedited services, DHS has approved the use of a web based program, the EO Screening Tool. The tool itself does the calculations to determine EO eligibility based on the information entered (See the script that appears in the sections ‘Script’ and ‘EO Food Stamp Benefits Eligibility’. The […]

Expedited Processing

Application Process

Applying for Medical Benefits An individual may apply for medical benefits in the following ways: Complete a PS-1, FSS-1 and FSS-1-B form Receipt of Form 02HM001E, Uniform Comprehensive Assessment Intake and Referral (Formerly AG-2) Receipt of ABCDM-83 from a nursing facility Verbal request Request received through OKDHSLive! Website

Application Process

What constitutes an application? An individual may apply for medical benefits in the following ways: Complete a PS-1, FSS-1 and FSS-1-B form; Spanish Request: PS-1, FSS-1, FSS-1-B Online application through OKDHSLive! Website If an individual applies for Medical through the OKDHSLive! Website it is considered an application for all ABD related programs. Example: SSP, SLMB, […]

Forms for TANF Certification

What forms are required for a TANF certification with parent included in benefit? Request for Benefits, 08MP001E (PS-1) Eligibility Information for Benefits, 08MP002E (FSS-1) Responsibilities and Signature for Benefits, 08MP003E (FSS-1B) Note: With two-parent households each parent must sign the FSS-1B. Effect of Lump Sum Payments on TANF benefits, 08TA006E (FSS-C-4) Citizenship affidavit, 08MP005E (when […]

Eligibility Determination: Required Forms

There are three forms required for all paper applications: 08MP001E PS-1   Request for Benefits This is the application that the client completes and signs to request benefits. 08MP003E FSS-1-B  Responsibilities and Signature for Benefits This form advises clients of their rights and responsibilities for all programs, and it requires a client signature. O8MP002E FSS-1  Eligibility […]