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Out-of-State Verification of Benefits

Background Checks

AA role for Background Checks

BNMENU / BNL – Benefit Tracking

The BNMENU transaction displays all benefit types associated with the entered social security number. The screen will display the benefit type and description. To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type BNMENU (space) and the social security number Press ‘Enter’   Enter the BNL transaction next to the benefit type for which […]

Household Composition

Concurrent Receipt of Assistance (Duplicate Participation)

Concurrent receipt of assistance or duplicate participation– is a term used when someone applies for or receives the same or similar assistance in two cases or states for the same month.

Out of State Inquiry Examples

When a client contacts you to let you know he/she has moved out of state, or another state social services agency contacts you to let you know the client has moved to their state, you close the case for the next month, as long as you take the action by 2nd deadline (no 10-day advance […]