NewHow to Process Adult Day Care

Step by Step instructions and flow chart

Sale of Home Proceeds and Insurance Payments & Repairs

How are the proceeds from the sale of the home property or an insurance payment for home repairs considered in determining eligibility

Absence from the Home: Temporary vs Permanent

Determining whether an absence is temporary or permanent.

UpdatedCountable Property

Determining the countable value of property not associated with the home property

Updated12/04/2023 National Directory of Contacts

Out-of-State Verification of Benefits

Disqualifications and Monetary Penalties

An important part of the claim establishment process is determining who is at fault. A claim is either the result of a DHS or household error. A household error claim may occur unintentionally through an honest mistake, or intentionally through misrepresentation of facts or fraud. SNAP and TANF household errors with fraudulent intent are called […]

Concurrent Receipt of Assistance (Duplicate Participation)

Concurrent receipt of assistance or duplicate participation– is a term used when someone applies for or receives the same or similar assistance in two cases or states for the same month.