Mineral Interest Valuations – Ten Quick Tips

Ten Tips for Mineral Interest Valuations

UpdatedResource- Income Producing Property & 6% / $6000 Rule

How to determine countable resource value of income producing property

How to Code Resources (Liquid)

Instructions on Coding Resources in FACS

Letter to Oil / Gas Company (Mineral Rights)

Example Template for hand-generated notice to Oil / Gas Companies for information concerning mineral rights.

08/09/21 Oil Company Contact List

Contact List Verifying Oil / Mineral Rights

Income – Mineral Rights

317:35-5-42(b)(4)(B), 317:35-5-42(e)(4) The policy for the royalties from mineral rights was changed. Income from mineral rights are never treated as a lump sum. The income is averaged over six months. The exception is when there is a dramatic increase or decrease to the royalties, average only two months income. Royalties from trusts held by the […]


Home property – a home is defined as any shelter in which the individual has an ownership interest and which is used by the individual as his/her principal place of residence.  The home may be either real or personal property, fixed or mobile.  Home property includes all property which is adjacent to the home. Policy regarding […]

Searching Property Records: OK County Records Online

Oklahoma County Records provides online access for land and mineral records that are filed with the County Clerk in over 60 counties. DHS does not have a subscription to this website, so you cannot view the actual document. You are able to view the title of the documents that were filed; e.g., Mineral Deeds and […]

UpdatedResource – Mineral Rights – How to Determine Value

To provide a consistent valuation method in situation where the client is unable to provide a value.