State Data Exchange (SDX) Resource Codes

Block 025 – House A – Possession of a home – principal place of residence S – Equity in non-excludable property is to increase in value T – Home and Equity in non-excludable property Z – None Blank – not determined Block 026 – Auto B – Vehicle – either over or under limit K […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes

Block 004 – Payment Status “C” Indicates recipient is eligible for SSI/SS Payment. C01 Current Pay “E” Indicates eligibility for federal and/or state benefit based on the eligibility computation but non-payment is based on the payment computation. E01 Eligible for federal and/or state benefits based on the eligibility computation, but no payment is due based […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Recipient Payee Codes

Block 001 – Social Security Number Block 002 – Name Block 003 – Date of Birth Note: Blocks 004 – 010 are addressed in article IMS: State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes. Block 011 Source File Block 012 – Recipient type AI – Aged Individual AS – Aged Spouse BI – Blind Individual BS […]