Marital Status under SSI Criteria

SSI Criteria and Marital Status

UpdatedIncome – Adjusting SSI for New or Increased Income

When a client has new or increased income, DHS uses the current month’s income and resources to determine the current month’s benefit. SSI, on the other hand, uses income and resources received 2-3 months ago to determine the current month’s benefit. Due to this difference, policy [317:35-5-42(c)(2)] allows DHS employees to calculate what the anticipated […]

SSI-Criteria State Blind Working Expenses (BWE) & Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)

Expenses that allow people with disabilities and specifically people who are blind to work can be exempted from their earned income. The expenses allow the individual to participate in gainful work activities. They are allowed the amount they actually spend on the item for each month. Non-recurring expenses may not be annualized. The following are […]

State Supplemental Payment (SSP)

The State Supplemental Payment (SSP) provides cash assistance to people who are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Policy 340:15-1-1. Purpose and legal bases 340:15-1-2. Definitions 340:15-1-4. State Supplemental Payment plan 340:15-1-5. State Supplemental Payment 340:15-1-6. Special requirements 340:15-3-1. Eligibility and available services

State Data Exchange (SDX) Resource Codes

Block 025 – House A – Possession of a home – principal place of residence S – Equity in non-excludable property is to increase in value T – Home and Equity in non-excludable property Z – None Blank – not determined Block 026 – Auto B – Vehicle – either over or under limit K […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Recipient Payee Codes

Block 001 – Social Security Number Block 002 – Name Block 003 – Date of Birth Note: Blocks 004 – 010 are addressed in article IMS: State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes. Block 011 Source File Block 012 – Recipient type AI – Aged Individual AS – Aged Spouse BI – Blind Individual BS […]

SSI-Criteria State Policy FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning ABD applicant’s income, resources, irrevocable prepaid burial policies, household composition, and other topics.