State Data Exchange (SDX) Resource Codes

Block 025 – House A – Possession of a home – principal place of residence S – Equity in non-excludable property is to increase in value T – Home and Equity in non-excludable property Z – None Blank – not determined Block 026 – Auto B – Vehicle – either over or under limit K […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes

Block 004 – Payment Status “C” Indicates recipient is eligible for SSI/SS Payment. C01 Current Pay “E” Indicates eligibility for federal and/or state benefit based on the eligibility computation but non-payment is based on the payment computation. E01 Eligible for federal and/or state benefits based on the eligibility computation, but no payment is due based […]

State Data Exchange (SDX) Recipient Payee Codes

Block 001 – Social Security Number Block 002 – Name Block 003 – Date of Birth Note: Blocks 004 – 010 are addressed in article IMS: State Data Exchange (SDX) Payment Status Codes. Block 011 Source File Block 012 – Recipient type AI – Aged Individual AS – Aged Spouse BI – Blind Individual BS […]

IMS Codes for LTC Authorization Actions

List appropriate codes to use for authorization closures or denials.

Medical Codes for Creating Cases

The following are codes that are used for the RN CD field when creating cases using the ps1b transaction in IMS: A ADvantage Waiver B Breast/Cervical Cancer C Personal Care (no disability determination required – already eligible for SSP, QMBP or in Online Enrollment) D (Disability to be established by SSA) F SSP or disability […]