SNAP: Best Practices

Application Screening

All applications upon receipt are screened to determine whether the household is eligible for expedited services. The application is considered an expedited application if one of the following apply.

  • Their monthly income is less than $150 and their liquid resources are less than $100.
  • They are a migrant or seasonal farm worker with liquid resources less than $100.
  • Their shelter and expenses exceed their income and liquid resources.

Expedited applications must be processed within 7 calendar days. Non-expedited SNAP applications have a processing deadline of 30 days. Be sure to use the tools that are at your disposal prior to the interview, such as IMS PY screens for each household member, and ACES report.


Please refer to article SNAP: Eligibility Determination: Required Forms for additional information on required forms for SNAP applications.

During the interview with the client, determine all persons who are living in the residence and whether they are to be included in the SNAP household. Go over the following information for each household member in the interview;

  • citizenship or alien status
  • residence
  • social security number
  • identity

Work Registration, ABAWD, student, and fleeing felon status also must be determined for each household member. Review all sources of income received into the household. Thoroughly discuss any expenses the household may have and determine the shelter costs and proper utility deduction. Go over the Rights and Responsibilities with the client and have them sign the FSS-1-B form. You will also give the client the option of having an authorized representative.

Verification and Processing

The identity of the person making application must be verified for SNAP benefits. Use the Adm-92 form to request any verification that is needed to process the case. All sources of income must be verified. For earned income, client will need to provide copies of their pay stubs. Many types of income can be verified by IMS screens such as SDX for SSI income, Bendex for social security income, ki1 and CFRRPA for child support income. Eligibility is determined using Appendix C-3.

Case Changes

All changes for SNAP households should be reported within 10 calendar days so to ensure the correct amount of food benefits are being issued. Examples of changes that should be reported are changes in household members, changes in the amount of income or expenses, and changes in student or ABAWD status.

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