EO Screening Tool

Documentation of EO Screening

POLICY and PROCEDURE Federal and state SNAP policy requires that all initial applications be screened for possible expedited processing (EO) the date the initial application was submitted to the agency. 340:50-11-2 Initial application screening:  All initial applications must be screened for expedited service entitlement….Screening must be done on the date the initial application was completed […]

Expedited Services Examples

The following are examples on how to determine whether or not a SNAP application is expedited or not: Please use the current Appendix C-3 to determine which utility standards to use in your calculations. John applies for SNAP benefits. John has earned income of $800 per month, pays shelter expense of $500, and he is […]

UpdatedExpedited Services FAQs

Client applied for and was certified for an EO with postponed verification on 08/18/15 for two months. Client did not return the needed verification until 09/24/15, which of course is after the initial 30 days. Is a new application and interview needed since we are changing the application date? No. The application is good for […]

Collateral Contact

Collateral contact – is a verbal confirmation of a household’s circumstances by a person outside the household.

UpdatedApplication Process

Application process – consists of the applicant completing and signing an application and completing an interview with a worker, if required by the program, during which the applicant provides information regarding his or her situation.  Policy regarding both terms is located at: Child Care: 340:40-3-1. Application process. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-12. Applications; and 340:20-1-14. Actions, method of […]

UpdatedExpedited Applications

All initial applications for SNAP are screened upon receipt to determine whether it is considered an expedited application. Be sure to screen the entire application for expedited consideration. The following criteria is used to determine if an application is to be considered as expedited: Applications that indicate that the household has less than $150 gross […]

Best Practices

Things to remember during Application Screening, Interviewing, Verification Processing, and Case Changes