Countable In-Kind Income

Explanation of Countable In-Kind Income

Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

Housing Resources

Links to Housing Resources, Rental Assistance, & Public Housing

Income – Rental Income

Explanation of Rental Income

UpdatedResource- Income Producing Property & 6% / $6000 Rule

How to determine countable resource value of income producing property

NON-PS2 Instructions (Shelter)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS Shelter Tab.

Shelter Utility Allowance

Prorating Expenses

Shelter, child care, and/or child support deductions for SNAP households can be prorated.

Utility Deduction

Determining the correct utility deduction to give a household is an important aspect of the SNAP benefits. It is imperative that workers code the utility allowance of households when they have SNAP and they pay this expense. This can be coded in FACS “Shelter” tab. This ensure that the customer could possibly receive help in […]

Shelter Deduction Examples

Example 1: Rent Deposit Kent and Kristy visited the office to apply for SNAP benefits. During the interview they stated that they have a new apartment now and their rent according to their lease is $700 monthly. They had to pay an additional $300 for a deposit the first month. Rent deposits are not countable […]