Field Manager Process – New Field Managers & Supervisors

Onboarding for New County Directors and Supervisors

Phone Strategies

Phone Strategies

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create/Rename Calendar Color Categories

The categories may need to be renamed so that they make sense to you or to match an office procedure. To change the category colors or the names of the categories, Click a meeting /appointment on your calendar and then Click Categorize. Next Click All Categories. When the Color Categories window opens, there are options […]

Outlook Overview

Outlook is the most widely used form of communication that DHS staff employs for interacting with each other on a daily basis.

Organizational Strategies – CWA Report

Tips for case management concerning the CWA report.

Task Management – Works Efficiently

Working Efficiently requires at least 4 key behaviors: apply current technology in practical ways to maximize efficiency; make wise use of outside resources; have a bias for timely action, and avoid procrastination; set priorities and approach assignments according the order of priority Working efficiently does not occur in a vacuum. Although efficiency starts with the […]

Leadership Provides Direction

“Provides direction” consists of 4 behaviors: makes expectations clear; establishes a manageable workload for direct reports; accomplishes longer-term objectives by planning incremental steps; keeps focus on big picture while implementing the details In First Break All the Rules the most important item in a worker’s job satisfaction is “I know what’s expected of me.” Translated […]