Absence from the Home: Temporary vs Permanent

Determining whether an absence is temporary or permanent.

Resource – Vehicles

Policy and examples regarding vehicles as a resource.

Harmony FAQs

Article to house the link to the Harmony Frequently Asked Questions

How to Access Harmony from the InfoNet

Directions for Accessing Harmony from the InfoNet

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Transitions

Procedures for ELDERS during case transitions

Harmony Procedures – New Application Nursing Facility (NF)

Explanation of Harmony Procedures for a NEW application (NF)

UpdatedHome Property FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding Home Property

Lump Sums

Explanation of Lump Sum Policy and Scenarios

Vendor Payments: ZERO vs FULL Vendor Payments

Determining what month a vendor payment begins once a person enters ICF or ICF/IID.

Nursing Facility Services

Policy Links Regarding Nursing Facility Services