Customer Service: Why Customer Service is Important

Displaying quality customer service in every customer interaction will give customers the assurance that YOU CARE about the customer, their situation and the importance of the work you do. You are engaged in a career of service, where you can derive satisfaction from the many opportunities you have to help customers and their families. Possessing excellent customer service skills is critical in this business. Customer service skills are traits that can be fine-tuned with additional training, but they are impossible to develop and possess if you don’t care!

You have to have a caring attitude and genuine concern for your customers and their families if you are going to truly serve. In the long run, how you really feel and the attitude you carry with you each day will be revealed at some point. Some of your customers will be in crisis and desperate when they visit the office. It can be very difficult to request help, especially with the basic necessities of life. The fact that your customers have the courage to do that for themselves and their families is to be respected. It is important to assess every customer’s situation in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner and focus on all possible solutions that will benefit the household.

Quality customer service paves the way for a great working relationship with your customers and their families. There will be times when you will not be able to approve a family for benefits due to policy guidelines. It will be difficult to notify your customer that OKDHS will not be able to assist them. If in your prior interactions with the family you took great care to provide respect, compassion, and attentiveness to the customer’s situation, this process will be somewhat easier.

Quality customer service is very important in what we do. Assist families within the framework of what OKDHS can provide, and if you cannot help with a particular need, always look outside to other solutions and community resources. Treat our customers and their families with respect and compassion; be attentive to their needs; offer many solutions; be timely in our decision making and case processing; return phone calls quickly; you do all this because,


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