Reopening SNAP after MCR Closure

All Mid-Cert Renewals that are submitted and complete must be processed before or on the deadline for Processing Actions Requiring Advance Notice (Negative Deadline) of the current month. Refer to Appendix B-2 for deadlines for case actions. In the case where the MCR is submitted past the deadline, or if any outstanding verification is submitted […]

Time Limits

Time limits – a case action must be completed within a certain time frame.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-3-1. Application process; 340:40-9-2. Case changes; 340:40-10-2. Client, worker, and provider electronic benefit transfer (EBT) responsibilities; and 340:40-13-5. Child care provider contracts. Public Assistance Procedures (all programs):  340:65-3-2.1. Counting days for […]

Application Date

Application date – for all programs except Child Care Subsidy, this is the date the applicant or a person acting on the applicant’s behalf signs the application.  For Child Care Subsidy, it is the date the applicant or a person acting on the applicant’s behalf completes the child care interview and provides all necessary verification, […]

Why Customer Service is Important

Displaying quality customer service in every customer interaction will give customers the assurance that YOU CARE about the customer, their situation and the importance of the work you do. You are engaged in a career of service, where you can derive satisfaction from the many opportunities you have to help customers and their families. Possessing […]

Best Practices

Here are some best practices regarding various aspects of your work in AFS.


How Timeliness is Calculated for Child Care An application for child care must be completed within two working days once the interview is completed and all needed verification to determine eligibility has been received. Timeliness is tracked and reported for each individual child care authorization. For child care certifications, the computer system compares the authorization […]

Medical Codes for Creating Cases

The following are codes that are used for the RN CD field when creating cases using the ps1b transaction in IMS: A ADvantage Waiver B Breast/Cervical Cancer C Personal Care (no disability determination required – already eligible for SSP, QMBP or in Online Enrollment) D (Disability to be established by SSA) F SSP or disability […]

Eligibility Determination: Timely Certification Renewals

340:50-9-6 340:50-9-6(c) requires the worker to determine if the certification was less than three  months. Certification Periods Shorter than Three months When the certification is shorter than three months and the SNAP household (HH) turns in a certification renewal on or before the 15th, the worker must process the renewal within 30 calendar days. Certification […]