Unfinished Issuance Process

Instructions on completing an Unfinished Issuance for SNAP Case

Income – Actual vs. Anticipated

Provides information regarding when to use Actual or Anticipated Income or both.

Processing a Case with Two Denials

Instructions on processing a case with two denials.

Unfinished Issuance Examples & Coding

Examples and directions for unfinished issuance.

Locking in Copayments and Number of Units/Unit Type

Description and example of Locking in Copayments

Closure of Child Care Benefits

Per Policy 340:40-9-2(f) When the client is no longer eligible for child care, the closure date varies depending on the circumstances. Same day action is taken or future date requested by the client When a client requests the closure of his or her child care benefit and is no longer using child care, the worker […]

UpdatedIncome – Earned Income of Children

Policy 340:50-7-22(9) The earned income of children age 17 and younger is exempt as long as they are under the parental control of an adult household member and are still in high school. When a child turns 18 in the month of certification, his or her income is counted the following month. In order to […]

How to Retro-Certify the State Supplemental Payment (SSP)

Process for certifying SSP benefits for more than 2 months prior