EPPIC User Guide

Inquiry Tab Provider Information: Provider Inquiry Tab – Enter information for a provider search. Provider Search Results screen – Displays provider(s) that match the inquiry criteria. Click on PROFILE to display the PROVIDER PROFILE. Provider Profile screen – Displays information about a specific provider including star status. Authorization screen – Displays the children who are currently approved for […]

How to Submit an EBT-4

Instructions Step by Step in Completing an EBT-4 form for Child Care Payment Adjustments.


EPPIC – the computer system used to record time and attendance information for the Child Care Subsidy Program. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-10-1. Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) system for child care; 340:40-10-2. Client, worker, and provider electronic benefit transfer (EBT) responsibilities; 340:40-10-4. Child care electronic benefit transfer (EBT) payment […]

UpdatedWhen to Submit an EBT-4

An EBT-4 is a form to make payment adjustments to providers when incorrect case information is transmitted to EPPIC and the provider is paid incorrectly.   Determine if the incorrect payment was caused by a case issue, or by provider or client error An EBT-4 would be used in the event of a case issue, otherwise […]