How to Deny LTC Medical and Section K LTC Authorizations

Instructions regarding proper denials for LTC

PACE Procedures – Disenrolling from PACE

Procedures related to Disenrolling from PACE

PACE Procedures – Intake

Procedures regarding Intake and the PACE program.

WORK – How to Enter Work Activity Payment ($40 Dollar Start Up)

The Work Activity Payment (Policy 340:10-2-8(c)(1)) is a cash payment issued to clients who are getting ready to start a work activity or already in an activity. It is used for work activity related items only when needed. These could include a one-time tank of gas, personal hygiene items, or specialized clothing necessary for the […]

How Do I Submit a Request for Equipment?

NOTE: Equipment requests are on hold until a new system can be established and “no” there is not currently another process to handle these. SSI-DCP will not purchase any education-related equipment to be used in a school setting. Federal law requires schools to purchase such items. ** If the cost of the request equipment is […]

How to Submit an EBT-4

Instructions Step by Step in Completing an EBT-4 form for Child Care Payment Adjustments.

UpdatedADvantage Authorization

How to place an ADvantage Authorization in application status

UpdatedPersonal Care Authorization

How to place a Personal Care Authorization in application status NOTE: Remember that Harmony puts the Personal Care authorization in application status automatically. These instructions are for situations in which a Personal Care authorization would need to be put on manually. Check to determine if the Personal Care Authorization is already in application status. Type […]