Staff Meeting Tips for Supervisors and CDs

Time is valuable! Meetings are an investment of resources and time that should earn a profit—a more engaged workforce, open communication and increased job satisfaction. As the meeting leader, it is your responsibility and role to encourage positive participation from all team members; promote open, transparent dialogue; and frame the meeting and language in a […]

Phone Strategies

Phone Strategies

Outlook Overview

Outlook is the most widely used form of communication that DHS staff employs for interacting with each other on a daily basis.

Organizational Strategies – CWA Report

Tips for case management concerning the CWA report.

Remedy (AFS HelpDesk) Protocol

Many times, the problems that the worker experiences during processing are often issues that are within the power of the worker to fix. With that in mind, there is an established protocol to follow before you contact the Remedy (AFS HelpDesk) for assistance. Try to Input “As best as you can” the first time Attempt […]