Categorical Relationship – ABD Eligibility after SSI Closure

A client may still be eligible for DHS disability and blindness related benefits if SSI closes their benefit for income or resources.

How to Synchronize ABD Medical and SNAP Benefits.

The ABD review date needs to be synchronized with SNAP to prevent multiple renewals for the client and prevent errors and additional work for the worker. If the ABD and SNAP benefits are certified at the same time, those dates will already be synchronized. If a new SNAP application is taken, the opportunity should be […]

How to Process a Child Care Renewal

Steps to complete a child care review.

Benefit Reporting

How the system determines whether a Child Care case will be a benefit reporter.

Syncing Child Care with SNAP – What should E7 be?

Synchronizing Child Care with SNAP – What should E7 equal? C.2 SNAP Certification Date C.36 SNAP Benefit Reporter Date E.7 Child Care Last Redetermination Date a.When your client has SNAP and is in the first 6 months of the SNAP certification when he or she applies for Child Care, the system will synchronize benefits by […]


Renewal – a review or redetermination of a person’s eligibility to continue to receive a benefit from DHS.  The length of time between renewals varies depending on the program. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-5-1. Child care plan; 340:40-7-3. Age requirements; 340:40-7-8. Defining the need factor for child care benefits; […]


OKDHSLIVE – A web based system which allows clients to complete applications and benefit renewals and screen themselves for other benefits for which they may be eligible. Detailed systems information is available under Quest: OKDHS Live! Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-3-1. Application process; and 340:40-9-1. Review of child care […]

Searching Property Records: OK County Records Online

Oklahoma County Records provides online access for land and mineral records that are filed with the County Clerk in over 60 counties. DHS does not have a subscription to this website, so you cannot view the actual document. You are able to view the title of the documents that were filed; e.g., Mineral Deeds and […]

Searching Property Records: OK County Treasurer

Location of Web Page Oklahoma County Treasurers General Usage Instructions Counties served are shown on the main page. Choose your county from this page. Choose “SEARCH AND PAY TAXES” and you can begin your search. Searching Records The link above will take you directly to the home page screen. On the left side, there is […]

Searching Property Records: Oklahoma County

Location of Web Pages Oklahoma County General Usage Instructions Anyone can use the site, search the records and see the results. There is no User ID/Password requirement to see scanned images. Searching Records The link above will take you directly to the search screen. Enter your search criteria in the search box and hit ENTER. […]