How to Move a Case from Special Medical to SSP

How to move a case from Special Medical to SSP.

How to Reopen Cure TANF Work Sanction

FACS Processing Steps for Reopening TANF Work Sanction

How to Reopen Child Care

The following are instructions on reopening child care benefits. Open the “Household Tab (Interview Notebook) Benefit Type = Social Services Status = appropriate status for all household members Effective Date = Date in which Child Care is being re-opened Open the “Child Care” tab (Eligibility Notebook) Action Taken: REOPENED (R) Effective Date: Update the ‘Effective […]

Reopening SNAP after MCR Closure

All Mid-Cert Renewals that are submitted and complete must be processed before or on the deadline for Processing Actions Requiring Advance Notice (Negative Deadline) of the current month. Refer to Appendix B-2 for deadlines for case actions. In the case where the MCR is submitted past the deadline, or if any outstanding verification is submitted […]