Railroad Retirement Claim Numbers

Information regarding Claim Numbers connected with Railroad Retirement

How to Close Child Only TANF (Age Out)

Highlights the process of closing child only TANF when child ages out of the program.

How to Synchronize ABD Medical and SNAP Benefits.

The ABD review date needs to be synchronized with SNAP to prevent multiple renewals for the client and prevent errors and additional work for the worker. If the ABD and SNAP benefits are certified at the same time, those dates will already be synchronized. If a new SNAP application is taken, the opportunity should be […]

Special Medical

Special Medical is a group of categories that allow clients to continue receiving medical assistance despite their income when specified increases in income are received. All the categories require client to have received the State Supplemental Payment (SSP) at a specified point, but are no longer receiving it because their income has increased. Keep in […]

Blended School Age Unit Type

Blended school age unit type – a Child Care Subsidy unit type that may be authorized when a child needs care four hours or fewer per day Monday through Friday when school is in session and more than four hours per day Monday through Friday on school holidays.


Age – a person’s age factors into his or her eligibility to receive certain benefits or deductions. Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-3. Age requirements; 340:40-7-3.1. Child with disabilities; 340:40-7-5. Resources, residence, and citizenship; 340:40-7-6. Household composition and income consideration; 340:40-7-12. Sources of excluded income;   and 340:40-13-3. Child care payments and rates. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-8. Citizenship and alien […]

Unit Type Examples

The following scenarios will give examples of which unit types to approve for child care benefits based on the Appendix C-4-C. Example 1 Joshua and Tammy visit the DHS office to complete an interview for child care subsidy benefits for their 1 year old son Seth. Both are employed as bank tellers. Joshua works morning […]

Age Requirements

Children are eligible for child care benefits from birth to the day before they turn 13. There are some exceptions to this: When a child turns 13 during an eligibility period, care may be continued until the next renewal. Children with disabilities 13 years if age or older, who are not capable of self-care as […]