ABAWD Exemptions

Younger than 18 or 50 years of age and older Client’s statement of birthdate is sufficient. The IMS system will check the date with Social Security Administration (SSA). A data exchange error will occur if SSA has a different birthdate. See Frequently Asked Questions Determined by the agency to be medically certified as physically or […]

Income – Case Note Examples

Brady Miller, a disabled father of two minor children, is married to Heather. Heather is employed as a manager at the local Pet Store.

Student Policy

Overview of Student Policy for SNAP program.

Unit Type Examples

The following scenarios will give examples of which unit types to approve for child care benefits based on the Appendix C-4-C. Example 1 Joshua and Tammy visit the DHS office to complete an interview for child care subsidy benefits for their 1 year old son Seth. Both are employed as bank tellers. Joshua works morning […]

Household Composition & Income Consideration

One of the primary tasks to be completed during the childcare application process is to determine which household members must be included on the case. Three types of possible household members need to be considered. Parents Caretakers Children Parents All natural, adoptive, or step-parents must be included in the household. Parents who are temporarily absent […]