How to Use F17C to Issue SSP

How to fill in the F17C to issue benefits that didn’t issue from a retro cert.

Mid-Cert Renewal : What Income Do I Use?

Verification of any consecutive thirty days income beginning with the fourth month forward may be used. If only the fourth month’s income is verified and provided, this is acceptable, unless the household indicates this income is not representative. Example: The Thomas household is due for a Mid-Cert Renewal for SNAP benefits effective 11-01-15. The household […]

Blended Unit Type

What is the Blended Unit Type? The blended unit type is used for school-aged children when care is needed part-time on school days and full-time on school holidays. There are two blended unit types traditional and extended. Blended Traditional Blended traditional is approved when the child attends a school with a traditional nine-month school calendar. […]

EBT Card

Initial Certification Each client approved for child care must obtain an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Before being issued an EBT card, the client must watch the child care benefits video which explains how to use the card. At the interview, the worker should instruct the client to swipe their EBT card every day the […]