One Third Reduction Rule

Instructions regarding One Third Reduction Rule for Someone Living with Another Household

Countable In-Kind Income

Explanation of Countable In-Kind Income

UpdatedSpecial Needs Trust

What a special needs trust is, the criteria that must be met to be a special needs trust, what can be done with the money, what happens when the beneficiary dies, what are a worker’s responsibilities in regard to a special needs trust

SNAP Overview

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the most requested benefits in the county office.

General Overview: What Can I Purchase with my SNAP Benefits?

A customer may buy the following items with SNAP benefits: Fruits and vegetables Meat, fish, and poultry Dairy products Bread Jams and honey Sauces and soups Baked goods (wrapped, labeled and intended for home consumption) Plants that grow food Seeds that produce food A customer CANNOT buy the following items with SNAP benefits: Food meant […]