Countable In-Kind Income

Explanation of Countable In-Kind Income

Vouchers / Flex Funds & Supportive Service Funds

Explain the two types of vouchers, differences etc. Flex Funds & Supportive Service Funds

ELIGIBILITY – Child Support Income FAQS

FAQs regarding how child support income is considered for the TANF Program.

Acting in the Role of Spouse

Acting in the role of spouse – a term used in TANF policy to denote an adult non-relative who lives with the client. For an adult non-relative to be considered as acting in the role of a spouse, the client and the non-relative must represent themselves as a couple and/or have a physical relationship with […]

UpdatedHousehold Composition & Income Consideration

340:40-7-6 One of the primary tasks to be completed during the childcare application process is to determine which household members must be included on the case. Three types of possible household members need to be considered. Parents Caretakers Children Parents All natural, adoptive, or step-parents must be included in the household. Parents who are temporarily […]

Deprivation: Frequently Asked Questions

Deprivation FAQs Deprivation due to death – What verification is needed in the death of a parent? Verification of a parent’s death is documented in the case record. Verification may include death certificate, obituary notice from newspaper, funeral programs or notices pertaining to the deceased. OAC 340: 10-10-1 and Instructions to Staff, #2 Deprivation due […]