Marital Status under SSI Criteria

SSI Criteria and Marital Status

Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

How to divide the income deductions in FACS between an eligible individual and the ineligible spouse.

How to Code for Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse (Short Term Medical)

Coding in FACS for Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse

UpdatedDetermining Eligibility of Eligible Individual with an Ineligible Spouse

How to determine eligibility for an Eligible Individual with an Ineligible Spouse then code FACS.

SSI-Criteria State: What is Gross Wages?

Know the amount from a paycheck that is used as gross income before deductions

Income – Adjusting SSI for New or Increased Income

When a client has new or increased income, DHS uses the current month’s income and resources to determine the current month’s benefit. SSI, on the other hand, uses income and resources received 2-3 months ago to determine the current month’s benefit. Due to this difference, policy [317:35-5-42(c)(2)] allows DHS employees to calculate what the anticipated […]

Ineligible Child Allocation

UpdatedComputation of Earned Income

The general income exclusion of $20 per month is allowed on the combined earned income of the eligible individual and eligible or ineligible spouse. After the $20 exclusion, deduct $65 and one-half of the remaining combined earned income for the “countable income”. The $20 general income exclusion should be coded in the Income tab of […]

Ineligible Minor Child Allocation

The ineligible child allocation is found on Appendix C-1, Schedule VIII C. Ineligible spouse and ineligible minor child (under age 18) are defined as someone who does not receive SSI. When an eligible individual has an ineligible spouse and ineligible minor child/children not receiving TANF, deductions are given to the ineligible spouse’s income, earned or […]

UpdatedSSI-Criteria State Policy FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning ABD applicant’s income, resources, irrevocable prepaid burial policies, household composition, and other topics.