Medicaid Programs and QI-1

Medicaid Benefits and QI-1 Explanation

Divorced / Separated Couples

Divorced people are treated as individuals while separated people are treated as a couple

Eligible Couple

Eligible couple –a term used to refer to spouses when both meet the income and resource standards in the SSP program and SoonerCare (Medicaid) for the aged, blind, and disabled. Policy regarding this term is located at: SSP: 340:15-1-2. Definitions; and 340:15-1-5. State Supplemental Payment. SoonerCare (Medicaid): 317:35-7-38. Financial eligibility of categorically needy individuals related […]

Acting in the Role of Spouse

Acting in the role of spouse – a term used in TANF policy to denote an adult non-relative who lives with the client. For an adult non-relative to be considered as acting in the role of a spouse, the client and the non-relative must represent themselves as a couple and/or have a physical relationship with […]

Spousal Impoverishment

When the LTC applicant has a Spouse The intent of this policy is to ensure the community spouse (CS) avoids being left with nothing. Income is determined separately for an individual and his/her spouse for ADvantage, Nursing Home Care and Home Community Base Waiver/Intellectually Disabled (HCBW/ID) services. If the CS’s monthly gross income is less […]

UpdatedDetermining Income Eligibility

Determining income eligibility.