Railroad Retirement Claim Numbers

Information regarding Claim Numbers connected with Railroad Retirement

CM Screen

Check the CM screen to obtain information regarding Case Members and Social Security Number(s). To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type CM (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ Case Status O = Open CO – County Identifier OFF – Office Identifier The data displayed on the CM screen is as […]

ADvantage and Other Waivers with SSP (Couple)

Although each spouse’s income is considered separately when determining financial eligibility for long-term care, there’s no provision in SSP policy to allow the Community Spouse to become eligibile for SSP when the couple’s combined income is over the ABD couple standard. When one or both is approved for ADvantage or other HCBW all income is […]

ADvantage and Other Waivers – Determining Resource Eligibility

The resource standard for an individual is as shown on Appendix C-1, Schedule VIII.D If applicant has a spouse, see article entitled “Spousal Impoverishment” Exempt Resources: Home Property (as long as client continues to reside there and has equity interest less than the maximum home equity standard as shown on Appendix C-1, Schedule VIII.D.2) One […]

SSI-Criteria State & State Supplemental Payment (SSP)

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning income for State Supplemental Payment eligibility.

SSI-Criteria State Long Term Care Programs

Answers to frequently asked questions concerning SSI recipients applying for Long Term Care.

Ineligible Spouse

Ineligible spouse – is an eligible individual’s spouse who: (1) does not meet the definition of aged, blind or disabled, (2) is aged blind, or disabled but does not receive SSI, or (3) does not meet the requirement as essential to the eligible spouse.  The total countable income of the eligible spouse must be less […]

Eligible Couple

Eligible couple –a term used to refer to spouses when both meet the income and resource standards in the SSP program and SoonerCare (Medicaid) for the aged, blind, and disabled. Policy regarding this term is located at: SSP: 340:15-1-2. Definitions; and 340:15-1-5. State Supplemental Payment. SoonerCare (Medicaid): 317:35-7-38. Financial eligibility of categorically needy individuals related […]

Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse

Eligible individual with ineligible spouse – an eligible individual with a spouse who is either not aged, blind, or disabled or is aged, blind, or disabled but does not receive SSI.


Deeming – a term used when a portion of one individual’s income and/or resources are considered in determining the eligibility of another.  Policy regarding this term is located at: SNAP:  340:50-5-49. Sponsored aliens. SoonerCare (Medicaid)[ABE]:  317:35-5-41.11. Maximum resources; 317:35-5-42. Determination of countable income for individuals categorically related to aged, blind and disabled; 317:35-5-45. Determination of […]