TR Transaction

Instructions regarding TR Transaction in IMS for Case Transfers and Address Changes

Life-Threatening Crisis FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding LIHEAP/ECAP.

Employee Name and/or Address Changes

Procedures for Employee Name or Address Change

G3COA Screen

Instructions regarding G3COA Address Information

Systems Related

The following are FAQS on Systems and National Voter Registration Act (NVRA): What happens when the client submits an address change at the same time he or she submits a benefit renewal or application? If the client uses OKDHSLive! to submit the address change and renewal, the Voter Registration Application will go to the new […]

Qualifying Events

**Voter registration must be offered every time a client has a qualifying event**  **Voter registration must be offered no matter the amount of time that has passed since the last qualifying event. ** What are qualifying events? Qualifying events include: Applying for new AFS benefits or a SNAP certification renewal not initiated through OKDHSLive! A […]

Changes: Best Practices to Avoid Invalid Negative Case Actions

Imaging Continuing Best practice in Place: With Imaging, we have been able to obtain all the required documents needed to complete the negative reviews on the majority of the cases. It seems county staff are doing a better job having the case information imaged. When there were actual case files, there seemed to be more instances of […]

Changes: Best Practices for Negative Case Action on Change of Address

Agency caused QC errors, “invalid negative action,” are due to the notice of adverse action being sent to an incorrect address. This causes clients to not be properly notified about case closures and denials. Often clients are reporting new addresses either on an FSP-38, Certification Renewal, initial application, or Mid-Certification Renewal, but this change of […]