Integrity – Self Care

Safety – Self Care

UpdatedIntegrity – Behaviors

Integrity Behaviors from the AFS Values

Empathy – Barriers & Solutions: Systemic

Systemic Barriers Some things that hinder empathy can be caused by the process itself. For example. You or your client has had a difficult past experience that affects both perception and behavior. We all have other responsibilities (e.g., deadlines, meetings, etc.) that compete for our time and energy. The atmosphere is hectic where we work […]

UpdatedWhat is Professionalism? Overview

Professionalism is defined as the skill, qualities, and good judgment that is expected from an individual who is trained to do a job well.

Life of Integrity

This video used with permission from the creator: Chris Lively, Video Director, Sagebrush Community Church.

Why Customer Service is Important

Displaying quality customer service in every customer interaction will give customers the assurance that YOU CARE about the customer, their situation and the importance of the work you do. You are engaged in a career of service, where you can derive satisfaction from the many opportunities you have to help customers and their families. Possessing […]

Quality Customer Service Gemba

“Customer Service” refers to how we relate to each other daily. Our customers are external (e.g., clients) and internal (e.g.,employees). It is important that we respond to our customers with professionalism, compassion and integrity. It is also important that employees, clients and work places are free from harm or danger. Safety is everyone’s business and […]