UpdatedNew Job Within 30 Days of Closure

Instructions regarding New Job Within 30 Days of the Job Search Period Closure Date

New Job During Search Period

The following are instructions regarding when an individual acquires a new job during the job search period. Previously job search child care was opened on October 5th, 2023 and closed effective January 5th, 2024. Later in December, the client reports she has secured a job and will start working December 8, 2023. The required verifications […]

3 Month Job Search Coding Examples

3 month job search coding – approval, closure, change of provider, new cert after closure

Income – Actual vs. Anticipated

Provides information regarding when to use Actual or Anticipated Income or both.

Resolving a State New Hire List (SNH)/National New Hire (NNH) Discrepancy

Resolving /clearing NHL discrepancy.