How to Code a SNAP Certification after S/E0.

An S/EO is issued when a household is determined eligible for expedited services with postponed verification. The following steps are instructions on coding a SNAP certification after pending verification is returned to the office. Example 1: Verification Returned Within 30 Days Reba Yearwood applies for SNAP benefits on April 1, 2020. The application for SNAP […]

Expedited Processing

Expedited Services FAQs

Client applied for and was certified for an EO with postponed verification on 08/18/15 for two months. Client did not return the needed verification until 09/24/15, which of course is after the initial 30 days. Is a new application and interview needed since we are changing the application date? No. The application is good for […]

UpdatedExpedited Processing

Expedited processing – certifying an application more quickly because the applicant meets certain criteria.

UpdatedCollateral Contact

Collateral contact – is a verbal confirmation of a household’s circumstances by a person outside the household.

Coding an SEO

Expedited Applications

All initial applications for SNAP are screened upon receipt to determine whether it is considered an expedited application. Be sure to screen the entire application for expedited consideration. The following criteria is used to determine if an application is to be considered as expedited: Applications that indicate that the household has less than $150 gross […]

ABAWD: Best Practices

ABAWD status should be checked at every certification and renewal for every member of the household.