Absence from the Home: Temporary vs Permanent

Determining whether an absence is temporary or permanent.

NON-PS2 Instructions (Deprivation)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS Deprivation Tab.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Set Up Automatic Replies (Out of Office Assistant)

Instructions on Setting Up Automatic Replies

Household Composition

ELIGIBILITY – Child Support Referrals

A child support referral is completed on all TANF applications when deprivation is based on the absence of one or both parents. Child only cases with an ineligible parent as payee require that child support forms be completed. Examples are alien, fleeing felon, tested positive for substance abuse or receives SSI.

Temporary Absence from Home

Temporary absence from home – a person may be temporarily absent from the home and plan to return within a certain period of time.  Depending on the program, the person may be included in the benefit while absent.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-7-6. Household composition and income consideration; and […]

Temporary Absence

340:40-7-6 (c) When a household member is out of the home due to a temporary absence, he or she is still considered a household member as long as he or she intends to return to the home. Examples of temporary absence are: Hospitalization Incarceration Attending school Working or training away from home When one parent […]

Deprivation: Frequently Asked Questions

Deprivation FAQs Deprivation due to death – What verification is needed in the death of a parent? Verification of a parent’s death is documented in the case record. Verification may include death certificate, obituary notice from newspaper, funeral programs or notices pertaining to the deceased. OAC 340: 10-10-1 and Instructions to Staff, #2 Deprivation due […]